walking the streets of Krumbach Germany
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In a move that might call a human tour de force my Brother-in-Law, Andrew, decided to embark on a trip that is taking him around Europe this summer, stopping at as many small towns as he can. He is traveling with one of his friend’s, Ian, who is a Photo Journalist major and is documenting the trip with his camera and sending the pictures back to me to post up on the site. We will follow him though out the summer and see what he and his weapon of choice, his acoustic guitar have in store for us.

July 5th: Andrew flies from Detroit to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam to Munich Germany.



on the way to munich

July 6th: From Munich, Andrew and Ian travel to Augsburg, Germany where he hooks up with one of his Foreign Exchange student friends that he met in high school. His friend, Sebastian lets him take one of the old family cars a 1960’s Fiat Multipla. He and Ian start driving East toward the town of Ulm.



arriving at Sebastian's house in Augsburg, Germany


the Fiat Multipla that Sebastian (in the background) let's Andrew borrow for his trip, Andrew put's a little sticker on the front to remind him of his S-10 that he has back in Detroit.

July 7th: Along the way to Ulm, they stop at a small town of Krumbach, Germany. Krumbach is located on the banks of one of the feeder streams to the mighty Danube River. Here Andrew entertains the locals with a little acoustic emo and makes a little gas money along the way.

Check out his pictures from Krumbach and stay tuned for more as Andrew continues across the continent.


an impromtu concert for the people of Krumbach


checking out the 18 century water wheel


on the stream bank that leads to the Danube River



the town's clock tower



walking the streets of Krumbach getting ready for the next stop on his tour of small town Europe








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