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Holdridge Lakes

Holdridge Lakes has been called a lot of things, like "Exit 101" because of its exit number of I-75 in Michigan. It has also been called "The Gauntlet" due to it's unrelentless East Loop trail that seemingly never wants to end and will shake, not stir you for 8 miles for the short version or a full 15 miles depending on your preferred level of torture.

Personally my favorite trail here is the West Loop, which is a 6 mile, 30 minute blast through some great woods. The interesting thing with this loop is “The Wall” which doesn’t look steep in the pictures below but is a 75’ technical climb and of course the “Tech Loop”.  On this Tech Loop there are a multitude of tech-features to hit like small jumps, log pyramids, log crossings and the like.

The Tech Loop is also home to a 3 foot drop and is the place where “Clark’s Leap” happened in August of 2007 resulting in Clark Campbell breaking his collarbone and subsequent 2 mile walk back to the parking lot. Clark holding his shoulder, me pushing 2 bikes and both of us getting feasted on by mosquitoes…that was pleasant.

Check out the pictures below:




This is a fun little bridge section on the West Loop




Well marked signs of caution. 



"The Wall"





This warning sign is straight of Scooby Doo, too bad Clark doesn't watch more cartoons. 




Behold the drop where Clark did the coveted wheel tap to front flip maneuver.




This little warning is at the beginning of the "Gauntlet" West Loop.  Aptly placed, indeed.

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