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*Fun Fact:  Jerry's trophy for winning the 1999 Boston Mills Bump Competition is currently sitting in the murky depths of the Boston Mills retaining pond at the bottom of the North Bowl run.  Divers were sent to recover this lost piece of history in the summer of 2006.

Jerry O'Connor is the team dummy Ford Factory liaison.  If he's not at a stamping plant in Walton Hills or in front of a TV in Copley, he can be seen making low level flights in the Cuyahoga Valley courtesy of K2.




In the middle of January, Jerry O was on his way to get some 2-cent stamps at the post office in his Focus. While making a blind left hand turn into the parking lot, he did not see an oncoming car. He was subsequently T-boned by a 1995 Volkswagen Cabrio. Thanks to Jerry’s high deductible and his heroic attempt at getting 2-cent stamps faster than the other people in the parking lot, he has quite possibly negated his chances for attending the Jib and Juice VI trip this March. If you are interested in contributing to the “Help Send Jerry to Vermont Fund” please contact him at the following address.  Good Luck Jerry.



mmmm....I don't think 2 cents will fix this



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