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Update #1  Bands, lack of a band and teen agnst.

Well Ladies Gentleman and Girl boys

News hmm.

From First to Last is set to debut there newest album "heroine"
Bleeding Through is also debuting a new album

Bands for all to consider listening to:
The darkness
Circa Survive
Feer before the march of flames
Armor for Sleep
The Number 12 looks like you
Panic at the disco
Coheed and Cambria
As I lay dying

check it out or I will cut you

Now to matters of importance.   My last 2 band attempts failed miserably Jonny thinks his girlfriend is more important then a music and Mike from my other attempt is difficult to contact.

So I am being brought in another band for vocals and mabye guitar.  Its a punk band founded a year ago by my friend James.

1/02/06 was my 1 month anniversary  for playing guitar, which is good for me .

Cousino H.S. won there 2nd swim meet I believe.

A rapid illness ailing most i know called teen angst is on the rise and is rapidly spreading.