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Update #5


Black hoody and broken China

First of lets start with some error corrections. The song lyrics on a previous update is not my own that was a editing error those are the lyrics to “Hey lazerlips” by Versus the night.

Now apparently beards are out due to the fact you are subject to association to the local militia if you have one.

The school year is closing and I am no closer to having a band together then I was a year ago.

So sleestacks beware there will be a comeback brought on with rage and teen angst.

Bands to love and learn.
Frank Black
Echo and the Bunnymen
I killed the prom queen
the architechts
the valley.

Teen angst is yet again on the rise so watch your tires and your nice china it may be broken by some kid wearing overly tight clothes and a black hoody better known as me.

Andrew is playing the field so send your ladies from the lonely parts of ohio up here ASAP

Jib season is over and I had yet to clear, cleanly, a 20 footer so I'm out for revenge and I’m here to get you snowboarders and chumps.

as always love
gen y consultant