tommy, polak, decaf and peter on the backwoods lift

holiday valley, new york
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Band of Brothers 


Though perhaps not one of the most spectacular J&J's as far as location or conditions are concerned, I would have to say that this 9th installment of this annual journey was one of my favorites. One of the best parts was the fact that the entire group was made up of brothers except for one (Polak you have to work on getting Bo on the hill, yo).

Aside from that, it was just a solid trip, not too many hi-jinx, no drama, no big jumps, no fights, just some pretty decent skiing and one giant Sasquatch. That is right, while skiing at Holiday Valley, NY we decided to hike a bit into the neighboring state forest, only to find some suspicious looking footprints. Upon taking a closer look at the pictures, you can almost see something that looks like the dreaded Salamanca Sasquatch. Check out the pics below.


9 people, 1 Frontier



Tommy discovering a secret VW Test vehicle foolishly left for our spy cameras on the streets of Ellicottville.



The Brothers Granger



Deep in the backwoods of HV, there are noises heard in the distance.



Decaf finds a mysterious footprint in the snow.  A telling sign that we are not alone in these deep woods.



Timmy points to another track as I-phone Jimmy quickly looks for an App that can identify mysterious Deep Woods footprints.




If you look closely to the right of Chris you can just make out what seems to be the Salamanca Sasquatch.  Truly incredible that this was caught on camera.



After about a dozen top to bottom runs chasing Timmy Luther's special skiing style that consists of no turns, thick snow, skinny skis, combined with with a 7 year lapse since he last touched skis, we take a little break.  Timmy looks pleased with his accomplishments.



We all then regroup and decide to venture into the nearby state forest and find the backwoods lift that is shut down for the year.



Iphone Jimmy is posing for his Armani Exchange print Ad.



Behold the backwoods lift.



Beers and Bullwheels.



In the process of leaving some treats for the lifties next Fall.



After a long day of drinking and skiing at backwoods outposts, we decided to crash the wine and cheese party at the private resort next to HV.



Tommy giving the thumbs up to the rich mom's daughter, all while eyeing up some "forgotten" goggles and helmet out the window.


Back in town that night ath the bar, we thought it was safe.  However, there is something unusal over Granger's shoulder.  Not the police over his left shoulder, I said something unusual...over his right is the Salamanca Sasquatch's cousin...what the chub?  We will have to unravel more of the mystery next year...till then suckazzzz!




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