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In January of 1986 there was a rather large snowfall of about a foot or so. Marc Divis, John Zabor and myself thought it would be a good idea to hike back on the gas line located behind houses across the street from me. John was on his orange Olin Mark IV and I was on my Dynastar Course SL.

We put the skis on once we got onto the gas line and slid across the snow like they were cross country skis for about a quarter mile or so until we reached “big hill”. This hill was had about a 40’ vertical drop with a 15 degrees steepness to it. Not great, but not bad at the same time. We skied down to the bottom of the hill and John, Marc and I build our first “non resort kicker”.

Looking back at these pictures now, the jump was actually pretty solid. It had a nice pitch to it and a decent lip. Once we got the jump to were we wanted it, we started to session it for hours. Marc did not have his skis, but he took pictures as Zabor and I hit it.

We dubbed the hill “Mobily Mills” and Jeff Groth even made a sign for the hill at one point in time. If you are ever heading on I-77 in OH, you can still see “Mobily Mills”. It is right next to the southbound lanes between the Route 21 and I271 exits.




mobily with a sweet spread eagle


zabor with a decent daffy, if you notice his Olins are actually old-school twins, he should have landed that switch


mobily taking flight, good thing the contact systems are there to help



good afternoon, I-77


divis with the kicker at the end of a long day