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Hello Ladies and Gentleman
Thank you for gracing me with your presence.   You're  just in time to see me wrestle with my conscience.

Latest happening. I am still on the ever-going search for a band. Right now its looking like I've got drums and 2 guitars and a piano. I'll be looking to start jamming pretty soon. I can’t wait for the screams.

Bands to Listen to currently

Aphex twin
Hawthorne Heights
Panic at the disco
A heartwell ending
the junior varsity
bleeding through

Atreyu is releasing there new album "Death grip on yesterday"
featuring the debut songs Ex's and ohs
You took me home
I drank to much
Cause of you my liver turns to dust
Cold rust takes cold creeping cool pain
Do you understand what I need?
When u feel your soul drop to the floor
Like a whole like an open bleeding sore
Then you'll have bleed like I’ve bleed
Then you’ll have bleed this all left

Suck me down, it's time rock and roll
Lets hit the bar, let's loose control
One false move you took me home
One false move your all alone

But it looks so good and it feels so nice
I've paid my price
I'll cut you out just to hear you scream,
Get away from me
And I can feel my heart beat racing'
As I realize what I must do
Get away from you

Should’ve turned around like you
Last time I got a taste of you
I should’ve turned around like you
And I say we're through

You have haunt me like a plague
Weakness, we've worked at
But I degrees
After all this...
You're just like all the rest

Yes that is the new song take a listen on pure volume.
These days Andrew is taking his guitar talent on the road to shrine youth group were he is set to begin work on new songs for the ministry next retreat in Kentucky this June.
The first weekend of March was his debut at youth group with nothing but a guitar a amp and 1 song personally re written by none other then himself.

I'm peacing out till later

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