heartbreak ridge on the hatfield and mccoy
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Pushing south through West Virginia like moonshine through a backwoods spigot, our big black truck whirred on the asphalt trying to make up lost time due to an accident we encountered in the middle of nowhere. This accident was as strange as WV can be. It involved a coal minor who thought he would replace the porch of a house with his full-size Chevy truck. This set us back and we were late, really late.  It seemed like we had been driving all day. Clark and I were trying desperately to get to our destination just outside of the Hatfield and McCoy trail system.

This time team dummy hooked up with John Luther Co-Workers and the 4 Wheelin-Free Livin’ crew. Clark Campbell and myself arrived late the first night. Upon arrival, we were zonked, we stumbled upstairs and set up “camp” in what was quite possibly some of the strangest dirt bike trip accommodations I have ever seen. I like to call them “Man Dorms”. Fittingly enough we were in Man, WV so go figure.

The next day we moved to our real HQ, the cabin in the woods. This was just like every other cabin one would encounter minus the dual garage doors on each side of the kitchen and the #3 for Dale Earnhardt crafted into the tile layout of the kitchen floor. There were also a pack of wild dogs that kept us company at night while sleeping on our NASCAR comforters (which also came with the cabin).

The riding was good, a little wet, a little slippery and damn that Heartbreak Ridge! I have never seen a 4 wheeler come plummeting down a hill. After this trip, I got to see two…on the same hill.

This trip had it all from Man Dorms, wild dogs, 4 wheeler carnage and reebs. When’s the next trip? I’m in.


welcome to the man dorm


man dorm kitchen/bedroom/living room/oddly stacked cabinet showroom



pizza-steve getting ready to break some leather





b-rad looking at the rigged setup


dosh looking for a little either up on heartbreak ridge


heartbreak ridge casualty train


polak's destiny



poorly drawn pizza-steve


note the garage door in the kitchen


and the #3


just like the OK corral minus the CR 250



decaf showing luther how to karate chop



clark getting the k-tim ready for the long journey home


loading up the big black truck and rolling out









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