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What a far cry this ski season was compared to last year, two totally different seasons. Whereas last season was wrought with rain, mud and all around warm temps, this season saw skiing from the Turkey to Rabbit holidays.

I drove three hours home from OH after Thanksgiving this past November with enough time to unpack the car, put the kids to bed and drive north another 35 minutes jus
t to make turns for a half hour in questionable sleety conditions and that was November 25th!! Unreal, one of the earliest I have skied in the Midwest, ever.

As the season progressed at Pine Knob (PK), the park grew very nicely with big step ups, step downs all groomed at least once a day. Perfect.


While the big resorts in upper MI were cowering from the news that a resort out west paid out over $14 million to a snowboarder that hurt himself in a terrain park, lower MI kept raising the bar. The Boyne’s and Nub’s Nob’s of the worlds drastically reduced their parks to a bare minimum with no table tops and generally sub par features.


It still baffles me that the little resorts in lower MI, basically suburbs of Detroit for all intensive purposes, were blowing them away. Hopefully next year can be as good as this year.

Here are some pictures from this past ski season:


































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