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Aren't you tired of being weak such rage that you could scream all the stars right out of the sky.
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Welcome back to the outer reaches of my anger and rage

Well July has come and my teen angst bodycount is at 6 going on 7 now.


Lets educate you all on local teen fashion/catergories:

Preppy(hollister old navy Abercrombie)

Hardcore kids(Gadzooks Thrift shops hot topic)

Goth(Hot topic, older brother factories?)

Emo(anywere girls jeans are sold)

Metro(incognito express Banna republic)


live it love it know it.



Some bands I reccomend this time around:


From first to last

job for a cowboy

bring me the horizon

the fray

bleeding through


too sorry for apologies

Drop dead gorgeous


Armor for sleep


so your wondering whats going on in the world of the Gen Y consultant. Well hes working playing guitar and single going on 4 months now.


I am also traveling Europe this summer, check out my updates at European Adventure 2006


Not much here folks.









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